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Fitvilla Gym offers a personalized, accessible, and inclusive place for your workout!
Achieve your individual fitness goals under the supervision of certified trainers.
Get benefit of in house health cafe in partnership with The Healers Cafe – a top rated Health cafe in Noida, NCR.

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Have a look to our Virtual Tour around Fitvilla Gym. At Fitvilla, you can take your safe personal virtual tour of our Club. The biggest gym in Noida spread across 10000 sq. ft. area. The gym has dedicated areas for cardio with isolated cabins, weight training, zumba, yoga, cross fit and spinning. Steam room, showers, lockers also available. The gym is also equipped with health cafe managed by top rated Health Food chain of NCR

Customer’s Corner

This gym is amazing. Very friendly trainer, top equipment and great environment. Good service with friendly staff and super clean and comfortable gym for everyone from beginners to professional athletes. All Personal trainer helps you if you approach them and one trainer whom I admire is Praveen, who helps me out every day. Overall the BEST GYM OF NOIDA.

Fitvilla is the one of the best place to workout and the best part of the gym is trainer’s and the staff of gym they all are really friendly. I had a beautiful experience working with trainer Mukul. I was around 106kg and in just 25 days now I am around 99kg . He supported me and motivated in every way to do proper workout & diet and one thing I have to mention he gave me a simple diet and that worked for me and I have gained muscle mass and still losing fat.

This gym is amazing. Very friendly trainer, top equipment and great environment. Good service with friendly staff and super clean and comfortable gym for everyone from beginners to professional athletes. Overall the best gym in Noida.

Fantastic, clean gym with helpful staff and world class trainers. I train with Manoj and have a fantastic experience. Though every trainer is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Strongly recommend it.

Fitvilla is get place to transform and train your body. The various sessions engage you to develop a healthy life style. The combat session is also great to learn self defense tactics and more important the enhance there flexibility. The sessions helps to rejuvenate brain from intense weight train….many types of sessions are provide in gym … to create joys and and entertainment environment

Fitvilla is best gym in noida , having best equipments, professional coaches. It has dedicated areas for HIIT, workout and other amenities. In first one month there is substantial progress and there is gradual increase in levels during the training program.

Hygienic, clean and spacious gym about 5k sq feet, which is very important now a day after COVID conditions. In my view best gym in Noida considering parameters like cleanness, hygiene , space. Persons like me for which heath is matters. New gym, a year old, open during lockdown  that’s why understand customer need. Fitness Equipments new and maintained. Office staff is supportive and act immediately on customer request.

Main gym quality is trainer/coach for any gym. Coach are helpful some trainer like Manoj Pant (Micky), Prateek, Naveen Singh and Praveen etc. Myself is fan of Manoj and Prateek. Specially Micky (Manoj) very dedicated and devoted to their work . Myself also get benefit from his plan and lost 5.3 kg in one month which I put-on during lock-down. Mickey always motivate and help to explain the exercise and muscle knowledge. I remembered his lines “ FITNESS IS JOURNEY, NOT DESTINATION SO KEEP GOING”

Excellent gym, excellent infrastructure. I got a chance to meet Prince Narula there who is my Mom’s favourite and I took a selfie with him.

Meet Our Certified Trainers

Mukul Juneja
Head Coach

He is a certified NASM: Corrective Exercise & Rehabilitation Specialist as well as ACE: Certified Personal Trainer.


Specialized in: Corrective Exercise & Rehabilitation, Body Composition Management (Fat Loss,Muscle Gain), ADL/Functional (Activities of Daily Living) Training, Power/ Performance Training (Olympic Lifts Push Jerk, Squat Snatch etc.) and animal FLow (This system is designed to improve Strength, Power, Flexibility, Mobility & Balance)

Prateek Verma
Personal Trainer

He is a certified Certified Personal Trainer from ACE (American Council on Exercise), USA. He holds Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education & Sports Sciences from Amity University.


Specialized in : Fat Loss, Posture Correction, Functional Training, Performance Training (Olympic Movements, Cross Exercises, Strength & Conditioning, Martial arts, Cross-fit routine, Animal Flow)

Varun Rathor
Personal Trainer

He is a certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist from K11 School of Fitness Science.


Specialized in: Strength Training and Powerlifting, Fat loss, Mobility and flexibility Training, Muscle Gain, General Fitness, Core training and posture correction.

Manoj Pant
Personal Trainer

He is a certified Personal Trainer from K11 School and Fitness First


Specialized in: Lifestyle Assessment, Posture Correction, Functional Training, Fat Lass, Powerlifting, Injury & Rehab, General Fitness.

Naveen Singh
Personal Trainer

He is a certified Personal Trainer from K11 school of fitness Science.Registered for
Exercise Professional India( REPS India).


Specialized in : Strength Training and Powerlifting, Fat loss, Mobility & Flexibility
Training, Muscle Gain, General Fitness, Form & Technique correction.

Rishabh Chaurasia
Personal Trainer

He is a certified Foundation Course in Yoga & Wellness from MDNIY, Certified for Yoga Protocol Instructor from MDNIY, Certified Nutrition Coach under Gofitness Academy, Certified Kettlebell Trainer and Certified Functional Trainer


Specialized in: Yoga Weight Management (Fat Loss & Muscle Gain), Functional Training, Strength Training, Body Weight Workout.

Personal Trainer

He is a certified Personal Trainer from Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute and NSCA Certified Sports & Exercise Nutritionist.


Specialized in: HIIT Training, Fat Loss, Functional Training, Body Weight Workout, MMA


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